Welcome to the San Diego Creature Project. A life in ‘lockdown’ project. Created by kids, for kids.


Join three brothers, their cousin, and their dog Ryan as they discover creatures, solve mysteries with science, and learn about the creatures that live in Southwestern United States. Each adventure in this series consist of part live action and part animation to tell their story. 

Inchworm Teaser from Leirigh Films on Vimeo.

What’s New

Great Blue Heron

What’s the biggest, or tallest, heron in North America?  Standing at 39-52 in (99-132cm) tall, it’s the Great Blue Heron. This bird is about the height of an average 9 yr old in San Diego. (https://www.cdc.gov/growthcharts/data/set1clinical/cj41l021.pdf ). That’s a tall bird! The Great Blue Heron can be found on many lakes, ponds, rivers, and marshes …

Wild Turkey

Have you seen a live turkey walking around in the forest? Ryan, our dog has! Ryan frequently finds Wild Turkies when he’s training in Cuyamaca State Park. In the Spring you can frequently see a hen, or mother turkey, and poults, or young turkeys walking in a line together. He never chases them but he …