Inchworms on the Tomato Plants

Wow, Those Inchworms Eat a Lot of Leaves

Inchworms San Diego creature project
Inchworms on wood chips.

In early June we found a few inchworms on the sage plants. Then we notice that the basil was being eaten. Then we noticed that the baby tomato plants were really being eaten… some plants didn’t make it.

Of course we decided to research them and figure out what species of insect they are. Did you know that in inchworm isn’t a worm, it’s a caterpillar!

After scowering the internet, we still weren’t sure what kind these inchworms were. Since they’re caterpillars we knew they go through a process called metamorphosis. A metamorphosis is a change of form or character. It’s when a caterpillar changes to a moth or butterfly.

Of course, we decided to keep them in a terrarium, and fed them juicy leaves. They ate a lot of leaves and pooped a lot! We had to change the terrarium every day to keep it clean for them.

One day they formed cocoons, and then we waited, and waited, and waited to see what they turn into.

Tune in to find out!

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